Descriptive paragraph example

         My grandfather’s house had a scary atmosphere. When I entered the house, I saw a large stairway. There were no windows near the stairs, so the top was dark. It looked like the stairs led nowhere. The kitchen was to the right of the stairs. It had no modern appliances, but rather only an old sink, a box for ice, and many knives. Behind the kitchen was the backyard in which there was a giant tree that shaded the whole house. Under it, few plants grew. My grandfather’s back yard was too dark for flowers, so only mushrooms grew under the tree. Because of the tree, there was never enough light in his house, and in every corner there were dark shadows. He had a black cat that ran from shadow to shadow. When I was young, I sometimes thought that the cat was a ghost. Because of an odd quirk of my character, I found this house to be the most beautiful place in the world. To this day, I am happiest in dark and forbidding places.

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